A new holistic lifestyle concept at the RITZENHOF - HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE!
ALPINE HOLISTIC: wholesome and wholly delicious!

Dip your feet in the lake, breathe in the fresh mountain air, enjoy a good read, indulge in sublime SPA AM SEE treatments – and taste all the delights of the Alps. Most spa hotels promise deep rest, relaxation and enjoyment. The RITZENHOF - HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE in Saalfelden, however, offers something entirely new and exclusive: a holistic lifestyle concept, developed on the basis of the latest scientific approach to health-creation by Autonom Health as well as the advice of experts in the fields of medicine, SPA, sports science and nutrition. The objective is to achieve lasting balance of body, mind and soul – in harmony with the seasons and the time of day as well as our personal biorhythms. ALPINE HOLISTIC® is based on the three mainstays of ALPINE WELLNESS, ALPINE CUISINE and ALPINE FITNESS.

ALPINE CUISINE – the peak of culinary delight

The flavour of delicately scented Alpine herbs combines with the sweetness of perfectly ripened fruit grown by local farmers to accompany tender game and venison from a nearby shooting and deer stalking estate. The RITZENHOF - HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE’s ALPINE CUISINE is always composed of fresh, regional and seasonal foods to provide our guests with culinary delights based on traditional Salzburg dishes influenced by the ‘four elements’ theory of nutrition. This profound approach creates wonderful flavours in tune with your daily biorhythms. Each day begins with a high-energy breakfast of wholegrain pastries, hot porridge, the finest organic foods and freshly made fruit and vegetable juices. Lunch offers crispy salads and two tasty soups – one to energise, and one to relax, and the 5-course dinner menu begins with an amuse-gueule of concentrated protein, which stimulates digestion without taxing the metabolism. After this, guests choose either an energising or calming menu, depending on preference or feeling: culinary pleasure for holistic wellbeing.

ALPINE WELLNESS – relax, switch off, recharge

The centuries-old understanding of our native herbs and their healing power has been harmoniously combined with the latest scientific findings to create the Ritzenhof’s SPA’s energising, restoring, calming and detoxing treatments. We joined forces with the renowned natural cosmetics experts at Vitalis Dr Joseph to devise our ALPINE WELLNESS made-to-measure signature treatments. Women and men of all ages, teenagers and expectant mums all enjoy SPA treatments that are tailored to suit their individual biorhythms, needs and requirements. Our ALPINE WELLNESS rituals start with a soothing cup of herbal tea and an in-depth conversation with the SPA therapist to identify individual focal areas and tailor treatments and packages to the client’s needs. We also offer classic SPA treatments with the exclusive BABOR brand of products. Beauty and wellbeing, as harmonious as the sway of reeds in the wind – and a nurturing invitation to recognise and understand your body’s needs.

ALPINE FITNESS – get in shape with our outdoor fitness coaches

Picturesque mountains, lush meadows, fragrant forests and sparkling Lake Ritzensee surround the RITZENHOF - HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE, making it an ideal base for ALPINE FITNESS. The Ritzenhof uses the countryside as a gym for its exclusive fitness programme which integrates the power of the elements into every workout. Biorhythms and personal fitness play major roles in innovative fitness classes such as ‘’, ‘Full.speed’, ‘Early.morning’, ‘Fresh.water’, ‘Winter.fresh’ and ‘Snow.shoeing’. This means that objectives including improved endurance, coordination and sensory motor skills can be achieved by any guest, whatever their fitness level. This is how gentle and effective fitness in Salzburg’s outdoors can be.

Our ALPINE HOLISTIC® approach is reflected in the RITZENHOF - HOTEL UND SPA AM SEE’s visionary architecture, but mostly it is mirrored in the intentions, aims and values of the hosts. Harmoniously integrated into the Alpine landscape and idyllically situated by the lake, the Ritzenhof absorbs its surroundings – the natural world is always tangible, the power of the elements palpable. The omnipresent lake is a silent companion in every public room and all of the hotel’s 70 rooms and suites. Every detail is informed by a sense of rootedness in the region of the Steinernes Meer and the local slate Alps, by a love of nature and the region’s traditions, but also by an open-minded attitude to modern science and trends. 

‘We are closely connected to the region, its people and customs. As hosts, our daily endeavour – and the core of our ALPINE HOLISTIC® concept – is to help our guests experience this sense of tradition. We would like our guests to enjoy encounters with our natural surroundings, delight in the highest levels of quality and feel entirely at home’, says a member of the Riedelsberg family.

The warmth of the hosts, their interest in health, wellbeing and the guests’ every need, combined with continuous development of the ALPINE HOLISTIC® concept bring about a totally new lakeside holiday experience – relaxed, restorative and reenergising. Enjoy life with all your senses!

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