Active with Children at the Wöscherhof!
Family holidays at the Hotel Wöscherhof

Zillertal offers a wealth of excursion destinations and activities for children. Every year, the tourist office puts out a new, exciting and variety-filled program for big and small. Visit animals on the farm, bake your own bread or sample delicious cheeses, attend fun kids' festivals or set out together on fascinating family hikes - Highlights such as these are given a fresh new face every year. We would love to provide you with details about this year's coming attractions.

Fun for kids at the Wöscherhof!

Boredom isn't a word you ever hear at the Wöscherhof - and that goes for the youngsters as well. Things are always busy in our games room, especially when heated battles of air hockey or table football are underway. If you want to sharpen your bouldering skills, you can also build up some extra muscle on the climbing wall. The smaller kids have all kinds of fun in the Lego Corner. Clearly, teenagers have very different interests, such as chillin' in front of the television. And with that in mind, we have a comfy couch and a big flat-screen TV. When it's time to work off a bit of that excess youthful energy outside, we feature a colorful climbing tower in our garden. Which means, while the grown-ups are sipping on a cool drink out on the terrace, the children will all be busy having a good time of their own.

These tips are worth their weight in gold if your kids are in the mood for fun and action:

Children's practice climbing center on the Spieljoch: Children ages 4 to 14 can take part in a rock-climbing course here. In a safe, stress-free setting, they will quickly pick up the basic techniques and learn how to handle the rope. Also possible: a very first taste of climbing for kids who still aren't sure whether climbing is for them or not.

Adventure Park(high-ropes) in Kaltenbach: For this adventure, the kids will need an extra dose of courage and some physical skills: on seven different courses they will climb, slide and balance, depending on what the challenge involves. After a brief introduction and being outfitted with a helmet and harness, it'll be time to get started! Children 110 cm or taller and, if under age 14, also accompanied by an adult, are welcome to participate. And for children three and older there is also our special "Mouse Course".

Zillertal Spa Resort in Fügen: "Erlebnistherme Zillertal" in Fügen awaits visitors with a record all its own: the longest water slide in western Austria at 133 meters. In addition, a fun tubing slide, a wave pool, a canal with a flowing current and lots of other attractions promise boundless fun in and around the water.

Marmot Land Zillertal: You will discover Marmot Land right off the Zillertaler Höhenstraße in Kaltenbach. As you might expect, there you will encounter all kinds of cute marmots, along with an adventure playground that's just waiting to be explored. And whenever anyone gets a bit peckish, the Kaltenbach Ski Hut serves up traditional Zillertal specialties out on its beautiful terrace, something mom and dad are thrilled about, too!.

Nature Theme Path and Hart Bird Path: Two interconnected walking loops, 2 and 2.5 kilometers in length, make up this family-friendly walking experience in Hart. Info boards at 15 different stations provide interesting, exciting insights into special highlights of area nature and the countryside. Educational for city kids especially, who may well not have seen so many trees and plants in their natural environment.

Adventure Playground in Schlitters: Playing in and with nature - that is what takes center stage at the playground in Schlitters, located in the middle of a riparian forest. Slides, farmhouses, fountains, giant swings and bridges invite the youngsters to climb, run and play. Right next door is the Schlitterer swimming lake. In other words, everything is right here for a successful family day-out.

Active with Kids in Winter: Just 5 minutes from the Wöscherhof is the Spieljoch ski area, tailored perfectly to ski munchkins as well as bigger fans of skiing. On request, we will make sure that your children are picked up here at the hotel, taken to the ski area and returned to the hotel later that afternoon. Naturally, you can book ski lessons for your children in a full range of ability groups. With 8 ski and cable lifts, two magic carpets and also a practice lift, the ski area couldn't possibly be any better equipped for the needs of families.

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