Own farm in the hotel Wöscherhof

Own farm in the hotel Wöscherhof!

Hotel manager Andreas Daigl runs his own farm next to the hotel business together with his father. A total of 110 livestock are included in the business, which produces mainly milk but also meat for the Wöscherhof. Our guests do not have to worry about "rural scents" - the stables newly built in 1997 are located outside the village.

Hotel and agriculture - a wonderful addition

Until 1970, the Daigls were a pure Zillertaler peasant family, until then the bed and breakfast came. But with the hotel industry the passion for the own agricultural enterprise did not decrease, on the contrary. Both companies complement each other in the most wonderful way. The guests of the Wöscherhof enjoy first-class milk and excellent meat and bacon from our own production - and you can taste it! With us you have the good feeling to know the origin of the food and to be able to rely on the high quality.

Sustainable, regional enjoyment

In addition to tourism and the timber industry, agriculture is the most important economic factor in the Zillertal. Just like the Daigl family, many farmers run grassland farming with milk production and livestock. Sheep farming and, of course, alpine farming in the high mountains are also widespread.

If you go on holiday in the Zillertal, you can be sure that all staple foods come directly from the area. The region offers delicious cheese, the best milk, fresh eggs and excellent meat. For friends of sustainability and genuine enjoyment, the Zillertal is a real holiday paradise!

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