The amazing living room spa at Landhotel Voshövel

Just for a change simply think of… nothing. Slow down and relax in the Livingroom SPA. 

The exclusive wellness complex offers 2,500 m² indoors and outdoors – the only living room spa!   Discover an indoor and outdoor pool, a sauna area with four saunas and two steam baths, a rasul, a new hamam and a saline air room for total relaxation. There is an active centre with cardio equipment for all those who associate wellness with physical exercise.Train using the latest, ergonomically designed exercise equipment. Pamper yourself with beauty treatments provided by highly qualified therapists using high-quality product lines, or our select range of massages. There are spacious rest areas throughout the complex - in the sauna, in the outdoor area and, not least, in the quiet room, which boasts an open fire and panoramic view. There is even a cinema to provide our guests with an inspiring break from the daily routine. For more information click here  

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