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The Breuss massage

The massage according to Rudolph Breuss (alternative practitioner from Austria, born 1899) is a sensitive, strongly energetic back massage that is able to release mental, energetic and physical blockages by relaxing and gently stretching the spine and sacrum.

Rudolph Breuss was convinced that there are no degenerated, but only undersupplied intervertebral discs. The special massage and St. John's wort oil massaged in in large quantities should make the tissue and intervertebral discs elastic and pliable again.

During the treatment, the patient lies relaxed on his stomach. A specific sequence of movements is used to massage along the spine and sacrum. The intervertebral discs can regenerate by absorbing St. John's wort oil, they become softer and more elastic. Finally, the back is covered with tissue paper and so-called energizing and deep, pleasant overheating of the back region is carried out with certain movements.

Tip: With the Breuss massage, fears and deep blockages in the mental area can also be released.

Important: A Breuss massage is not recommended if there is acute inflammation, open skin or serious diseases of the spine !!

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