Valuable herb tips for spring
Herbal tips from the herb pastor Hermann-Josef Weidinger *

Here are a few tips for spring:

The pioneer of spring herbs is watercress. Grows wildly on open wells - hence the name comes from - at water points in meadows and forests. The fresh, young, washed leaves are used without flowers or roots. Cress is a valuable remedy for glandular and head diseases. The pressed juice cures are easy to carry out at any time. Take 1 stamperl of the 5-fold diluted juice in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

The dandelion strengthens individual organs in our body and stimulates them to be more active. It is considered to purify the blood and build up the juices. Its effect extends over the entire upper abdomen, affects the digestive and excretory organs: stomach, liver, spleen, gall bladder, pancreas and kidneys. After all, dandelion is an excellent remedy for chronic skin diseases.

Pressed dandelion juice is made from fresh roots and leaves. Branded goods are more reliable here than homemade juice. Take 3 tablespoons daily, divided 1 before meals, with a little water as an addition. Mainly activates the liver and pancreas and is an excellent blood purifier.

Daisy salad tastes pleasantly nutty, refreshing and cooling. Has a detoxifying, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and stool-promoting effect at the same time. Also has a beneficial influence on liver problems. The great value of the plant for spring blood purification lies in its raw enjoyment.

The roof houseleek has proven its worth for earache. Squeeze out a few crushed leaves, warm the juice and drizzle it into your ear to be tolerably warm. Perform twice a day.

The nettle is one of the most versatile medicinal herbs. Freshly put into water overnight, strained in the morning and washed off hands, feet or the whole body with it, produces an excellent skin irritation.

* About Hermann-Josef Weidinger (1918-2004):

He was a farmer's child from the Waldviertel, a missionary in China, a pastor, folk educator and finally a herb pastor. With his lectures across the country, in the media and with his books, he reached thousands of people, to whom he recommended the use of medicinal herbs, the love of nature and the reverence for life.

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