Nettle small seeds great effect

Our ancestors already knew about the healing and healthy effects of nettle and its seeds. The nettle seeds are true "power grains". Many vitamins, minerals and especially the high protein content make this plant a "superfood" which is also highly valued by athletes.

It can also be used:

as a tonic for tiredness
Underperformance and stress
for urinary tract disorders and prostate problems
it has a detoxifying and draining effect
helps with rheumatism and hair loss
they are also said to have a special fertility-increasing and aphrodisiac effect ... .. for this reason, in the Middle Ages, nuns and monks were prohibited from eating nettle seeds.
A dosage of one teaspoon of nettle seeds per day is recommended. You can also put them in soups, sauces, cereals or on a salad.

Tip: nettle seeds with honey
Mix seeds with liquid honey - done! The seeds can also be roasted beforehand, which gives them a nutty taste.


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