Unverbindliche Urlaubsanfrage

An ordinary day at Leading Spa Resorts

Because every day could be the best day of your life.
Variety is one of Leading Spa Resorts***** great strengths. When the best and most exclusive hotels come together under one brand, then the individuality of each is of paramount importance. Each hotel has its own particular style, be it contemporary, classic, or traditional. All the resorts have an unmistakeable signature, and some have been owned by the same family for decades. Despite their individuality and independence, all our hotels feature top-quality wellness, with guaranteed relaxation for body and soul. Why not discover a hotel’s style for yourself? We look forward to spoiling you!
Unique and individual – exactly like our guests!

If you are gently awoken by the first rays of the sun instead of the alarm clock, it’s a new day at Leading Spa Resorts*****. Early risers soak up the beauty of the picturesque sunrise which, like an artist, paints the skies in different beautiful colours every day. Lie back in a soft, warm bed, savour the moment and look forward to the day. Day-dreaming is compulsory! Whether your taste runs to contemporary, minimalist, traditional or classic – there’s a dream room to suit every guest at Leading Spa Resorts*****, luxury touches included.
Fuel your zest for life
“Breakfast like a king” – this saying takes on a whole new dimensions at Leading Spa Resorts***** . Taste is paramount at our lavish buffet breakfasts. Health food corner with wholegrain products, crispy bacon and fried eggs, fresh fruit, fruit juices and many regional delights fulfil your every desire. The perfect start to a perfect day.
Emotions run high
“High” can mean guided tours in the picturesque mountains which form the backdrop for many of our resorts. Explore the unspoiled scenery on foot, by bike, or on skis with trained guides from the area. The whole world is quiet as you climb higher. Your mind stops racing, only your heart beats faster. Meanwhile the hotels offer yoga, meditation and aerobics. You can also receive personal training in the exercise studios, where state-of-the-art equipment and professional trainers guarantee success. Emotions can run high here too, as you climb a different kind of mountain.
Peace and quiet
Time spent in Leading Spa Resorts’ ***** temples to wellness is a mini adventure in itself. Calling them quiet rooms is almost an understatement, because behind every door in the resorts lies a world of wellness. There are wellness complexes to explore designed by leading architects, where every last detail has been covered. The spacious yet private spas offer opportunities for couples to spend undisturbed time together, alone.
Me time
If you start to relax before the actual treatment begins, that is wellness. Every day with us is an experience for all the senses, whether you are on a holiday or a short break. The air is filled with the inviting scent of rose and jasmine, your body is enveloped in sensuous oils and the feeling of peace and relaxation seeps into your soul. Your mind drifts away accompanied by gentle sounds and you start to feel like your old self as you experience the pure pampering of massages and baths. Or what about a couples’ treatment? Making the most of your time together, making time for romance.
Tickle your taste buds
As the sun slowly sets on Leading Spa Resorts*****, it's time to tempt your taste buds. The hotel restaurants offer superb, diverse, quality cuisine. Treat yourself to a glass of wine from selected vintners, soak up the atmosphere created by candlelight and piano music, and treat yourself to one of our specialities.
Your wish is our command
Relive the day’s events, reminisce, day dream. If you're not yet ready for bed, retire to the bar where flambeaux and firelight create a romantic atmosphere. Our exclusive resorts effortlessly combine comfort and elegance. Round off the day with a drink, and secretly wonder whether it’s all a dream. Don’t worry, Leading Spa Resorts***** make your dreams come true.
Because sometimes figures say more than a thousand words...


The number of stars held by Leading Spa Resorts : two of the hotels are *****S , nine ***** , seventeen ****S and tree are ****- a galaxy of wellness just for you.


Leading Spa Resorts employees dedicated to their guests’ wellbeing and comfort.


The square metres of spa and wellness area that Leading Spa Resorts over - the equivalent of twelve football pitches!


chances to hit a hole in one on the golf courses owned by our hotels.


Luxuriously furnished rooms, suites and apartments, including a relaxed, friendly atmosphere at no extra charge.


toques for our award-winning restaurants.