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Yoga at the lake
Yoga Retreats at Hotel Ritzenhof

Claudia - sister of Ritzenhof boss Martina - has been delighting our guests with her yoga classes for several years. Today we asked you to answer a few questions about yoga in the Ritzenhof. In this interview you will find out why yoga at the lake is so special and why men are also welcome course participants.

What kind of yoga do you do at the Ritzenhof?

I prefer to do hatha yoga at the hotel. In simple terms, this is “simple yoga” - a combination of asanas (physical exercises) and pranayamas (breathing exercises).

How long have you been doing yoga?

I've been doing yoga myself for 17 years. But to a certain extent I am a late-caller because I only completed my training as a yoga teacher 4 years ago. But I've always enjoyed doing yoga for myself.

How did you get into yoga?

I was a passionate runner. For me that was always a great way to counterbalance the stress in everyday life. Unfortunately, I then got problems with my knees. And so I looked for an alternative and finally switched to yoga. As a result, I have now found much better access to my body and was able to compensate for deficits.

What is special about yoga at the Ritzensee?

The environment does something great to me in yoga. That is why yoga outdoors is simply the most beautiful for me. Being able to do yoga at a lake is very special. Because all elements that one considers in yoga are present. Earth, fire (in the form of the sun), air and water - it's all there. Anyone who has already tried this will agree with me: It's wonderful to do yoga by the lake!

For whom is your yoga at the Ritzenhof suitable?

Everyone can join me. I always like to say before the lessons that we follow the less experienced yoginis. If you want to or can do more, you can do that at any time. But no previous knowledge is required. In fact, I am always very happy when someone decides to take the course who has never done yoga before.

What do you need for the yoga class at the Ritzenhof?

Actually nothing but comfortable clothes and anticipation. It is very important that you look forward to it and that you get involved.

How do you feel after yoga?

(laughs) Best of all, good! If you can really get involved and are always attentive and pay attention to what your own body allows, you just feel good. Yoga is ideal for really relaxing and coming down.

What feedback do you get from the Ritzenhof guests?

A few small, dear episodes of my yoga lessons immediately come to mind. For example, when a woman takes her husband with her. Because most men believe that yoga is only for women. But those who then really try it out have the final insight: Yoga is not just for women. It's for men too, it's relaxing and challenging too!
Most of the men are completely enthusiastic and then thank me after the lesson for allowing them to have this experience.

Yoga with Claudia is part of the free vitality and activity plan at the Ritzenhof. It usually takes place once or twice a week. When the temperatures and the weather allow, Claudia takes her yoginis to the lake.

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