In 1446 an ancestor of today's hotel manager Katja Newman bought the property and the building. From then on, guests were entertained and later also accommodated - for a total of 16 generations. Two years ago, the hotel manager then reported internally for the first time about the idea of ​​repositioning it as a boutique resort hotel and the associated planned renovation of the seven-hectare property. At that time, the floor plans and sketches, fabric and wallpaper samples for the interior were still missing. The German interior designer Michaela Voß-Bergsieker quickly developed a strategy from Katja Newman's visions. It consisted of not adding anything new, as many owners of historic buildings do, on the contrary: Everything was integrated into the existing buildings from different centuries - implemented in such a way that the guest only perceives the impressive new interior, but not the massive interventions in it the building fabric.

Another important part of the concept was to completely refurbish the locations, which should be given a trendy style, and to leave the antique areas valued by many guests as they were - this includes, for example, the “Stube” room in the restaurant “ Adler Stuben ”and the breakfast buffet room under the roof of the Black Forest House from 1639. In rooms that were just getting a bit old, a new, pleasant ambience was achieved with wall colors and effective interior elements - for example in the wellness pavilion and in the stylish lounge by the outdoor pool. With almost provocative paintings and over 500 sophisticated modern lamps, stools and side tables, a drastic design contrast was deliberately created in the rooms of the conventional categories as well as in other locations. The result is more than appropriate.

“Chilling out in the country” is the best way to describe the holiday feeling at the Parkhotel Adler!

You can find more information about the Parkhotel Adler in Hinterzarten here >>

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