SALT - “We would not survive without salt”

Salt is indispensable for the human body, whether it’s to reduce blood pressure or manage water and nutrient content. Furthermore, it has been used as a remedy for millennia, predominantly in soluble form, as salt water.

Natural saline springs with a salt content of at least 1.5 percent are known as “sole”. This concentration can also be created by the addition of salts, such as rock salt, Himalayan salt, Dead Sea salt, etc.

Saline pools usually have a salt content of 1.5-6 percent, salt baths with a salt content of approx. 15 percent as known as flotation tanks

Sole baths promote the circulation, detoxification and drainage, relax and prevent inflammation, for neurodermatitis, allergies, rheumatism, metabolic processes, kidney and bladder problems, and many other conditions.

Tip: detoxification
Argan oil is highly recommended to provide skin with an extra dose of moisturisation after a sole bath.

Relax in a hotel SALT SPA!

You can experience the delights of a sole bath in many of our exclusive Leading Spa Resorts, such as the Hotel Alpenpalace, which has its own salt spa (South Tyrol, Italy), or the Hotel Klosterhof, with its own Alpine salt dome(Bavaria, Germany).

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