The beautiful surroundings around the Mind Hotel Slovenija

Book your dream holiday at Mind Hotel Slovenija. A journey into the green Istrian landscape, into the blue of the Mediterranean Sea and to the crystalline reflection of the local salt fields.

Take your time for discoveries
Portorož and Piran are located in the heart of an amazing stretch of Mediterranean Sea on the west coast of the Istrian peninsula. The relaxing, relaxed Portorož in a sheltered bay has a very pleasant coastal climate and an exceptional spa tradition. The neighbor, the ancient Piran, is one of the most beautiful cities on the Mediterranean and one of the best preserved old towns in Europe.

13th Century. Portorož is a spa town. The monks from the St. Lawrence monastery healed with seawater and brine. The healing effects of diseases such as rheumatism, dropsy, scrofula and obesity, as well as the healing of wounds were known in the near and far. The beneficial climate and healing properties of the nearby 700-year-old Sečovlje salt pans have made possible a long tradition of spa tourism and a very extensive wellness offer, which makes Portorož a unique experience with its first-class accommodation.

One of the most photogenic cities of the Mediterranean preserved its unbeatable charm. Piran makes you feel as if you are moving in a picture. From the narrow streets within the old city wall, you will be delighted. In the main square, the statue of the most famous pirate welcomes you. The famous composer and violin virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini was born in a house directly on the main square. At the pier you can see the fisherman spreading the fishing net. The market woman brings fresh vegetables and fruits from her garden to the market, so that she is ready when you visit the vegetable market. Locals nodding to you, sitting by the sea, chatting carelessly listening to the waves.

The exceptional geographical location, the Flysch cliffs and high hills that drop to the sea, offer beautiful views and numerous lookout points. When the weather is clear, the outline of the Venetian lagoon can be seen on the western horizon. If you look a bit to the north, you can admire over the sea level of the Bay of Trieste, the snow-capped peaks of the Alps. The coast of the Croatian Istria is located just on the other side of the Piran Bay. With us you can visit at one glance three different countries at once.

Portorož and Piran are exceptional destinations and an excellent starting point for various excursions. The hinterland of Piran offers you real experiences and the feeling that time has stopped there. High above the sea on the high hills of Slovenian Istria you will find old stone houses. The eyes embrace the sea surface and the Alps above. Olive groves and vineyards on steep slopes. Valleys over which orchards and vegetable fields are scattered. Drive along the Istrian wine route. Discover the cultural heritage of the Istrian peasants and enjoy the good Istrian food. On a walk through the narrow village streets you will visit »Torkla«, an olive press. If you are there in the fall, in the time when the olives ripen, you can taste freshly pressed olive oil. You can also opt for a sea adventure and go by boat on a trip to Venice or even on a shopping trip to Trieste or other Italian cities.

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