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Ayurveda Detox Retreat with Hasitha

Purify and Rest Deluxe
7 Nights

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Travel dates
01/20/2019 - 01/27/2019

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Our Ayurvedic expert Hasitha Nimal da Silva, born in Badulla, Sri Lanka, created by a tongue and pulse diagnosis to you an individual 6-day Ayurveda Detox program. The 6-day Ayurveda Detox Retreat is thus tailored to your needs and consists of about 6 Ayurveda treatments (not included), the Hasitha individually for you from the treatments listed below together. The Ayurveda treatments are performed by Hasitha with high-quality Ayurveda herbal oil.
The Ayurveda Detox Retreat includes:
  • 7 nights
  • Wohlfühlpension
  • Use of the 7,000 m² wellness area
  • Pulse tongue diagnosis approx. 25 min
  • Ayurveda full body massage for 60 minutes
  • A singing bowl meditation with Hasitha
  • Daily Qi Gong or Yoga sessions
  • Detox drink and ayurveda tea
  • Daily TCM Lunch and Detox Menu in the evening
Then the treatments of Hasitha are recommended as appropriate and individually calculated separately.

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Posthotel Achenkirch

Achenkirch 382,
6215 Achenkirch / Tirol


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